Lawrence Stewart
Strategic Technology Executive | Full-Stack Innovator

Visionary technology leader and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in full-stack development, machine learning, and AI research. Proven track record of founding and scaling successful tech ventures, leading high-performance teams, and driving innovation in cutting-edge technologies. Expertise in developing scalable architectures, implementing AI solutions, and optimizing business processes through technology. Seeking a challenging CTO or senior leadership role to leverage my technical expertise and strategic vision.

Core Competencies

  • Technology Leadership & Strategy
  • AI & Machine Learning Innovation
  • Full-Stack Development & Architecture
  • Team Building & Mentorship
  • Product Development & Launch
  • Scalable System Design
  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Data Engineering & Analytics

Technical Proficiencies

  • Languages & Frameworks: Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, PyTorch, NextJS, SvelteKit, FastAPI, Django, Flask
  • AI & ML: Transformers, Mamba-ssm, LLM fine-tuning, Graph Neural Networks, NLP (NLTK, Spacy), Timeseries, LSTM
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, TimescaleDB
  • Cloud & DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, Cloudflare, GitHub CI/CD
  • Data Processing: Dask, Ray, Polars, Pandas, Numpy, Kafka
  • Other: RESTful API Design, Microservices Architecture, Distributed Computing

Professional Experience — Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Founded an AI research lab focused on finance applications and large language models
  • Spearheaded the development of custom model architectures using PyTorch for advanced forecasting
  • Designed and implemented a scalable framework for real-time processing of thousands of news articles
  • Led the development of a distributed model serving architecture, enhancing system performance and reliability
  • Orchestrated the fine-tuning of experimental models, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities
  • Contributed to the creation of the widely-adopted OpenOrca training dataset, showcasing thought leadership in the AI community — Chief Technology Officer & Founding Member

  • Co-led the technology strategy and execution as part of the founding team
  • Architected and implemented a machine learning algorithm for high-accuracy information extraction from diverse web sources
  • Scaled data acquisition processes, significantly expanding the platform's data coverage and quality
  • Mentored and guided the engineering team, fostering a culture of innovation and technical excellence — Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Conceptualized and launched an automotive classified search engine, aggregating listings from multiple sources
  • Developed a robust web crawling infrastructure using Scrapy, processing data from major classified sites
  • Designed a scalable backend architecture utilizing ElasticSearch and MongoDB for efficient data storage and retrieval
  • Implemented automated CI/CD pipelines, ensuring rapid and reliable deployments

Technology Consultant — Independent Consultant

  • Advised multiple e-commerce and marketing companies on technology strategy and implementation
  • Developed and executed SEO strategies, resulting in significant organic traffic growth
  • Designed and implemented custom e-commerce solutions, driving revenue growth of over $400,000 monthly for a client
  • Architected viral marketing campaigns and referral systems, enhancing customer acquisition and retention

Previous Roles

  • Gravity Lab — Full Stack Developer
  • YTZ International — Full Stack Developer
  • Beanstream Internet Commerce — Full Stack Developer
  • Web Design Developer & Consultant — Independent Consultant