Web Design and Development

My primary area of expertise is web design and development, specializing in WordPress and responsive designs. I have over 15 years of experience building websites. I work with companies, non-profits and government organizations of all sizes, creating simple site, to complex Content Management Systems, to meet whatever your diverse need is.


It is nothing new that commerce is moving online, this has been happening since the begging of the internet. I can help you reach your goals from development of your e-commerce website to implementing the startegy into your existing business or work with a new start-up launching a few product skews.


If nobody is visiting your website, It isn’t serving it’s purpose. The primary way people discover websites and information is through Google,and Bing. A compete white hat SEO strategy will help people find out what you have to offer, without the risks of getting marked as spam.

Online Marketing

From social networking, to banner ad development, to help you reach a larger audience, I can do it.

Logo Development

Tied together with branding a strong logo that you can use across different forms of media is important.

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