These are some of my recent projects and projects I’ve been most excited about working on. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to build next.


AutoMudo is a vehicle classified search engine. It let’s user quickly and easily browse listings from multiple classified sites. I launched the site in 2019, as of Fall 2020 I’m still trying to find the right product market fit.

Interesting Concepts:

ElasticSearch – ElasticSearch was the natural choice to allow searching and aggregation of millions of near real time documents. It allow AutoMudo to return accurate results from millions of documents in a fraction of a second.

Data Extraction – Data extraction has it own unique challenges, from slight changes in the targets schema to band width. Scrapy is a great library and a good place to start with crawling projects.

Technologies used: Node JS, ElasticSearch, Python, Scrapy, Next JS, Kubernetes, S3 compatible storage, Firebase, Pelias



Tunlr is a smart VPN that provides the ability for users in countries the ability to unlock content that they would not be able to access otherwise. I was the main developer on Tunlr, seeing it from a concept to viable product the market place.

Interesting Concepts:

Viral Loops – After signup users where incentived to share a beta invite on Facebook, Twitter or by importing contacts from Gmail. This allowed Tunlr to grow organically at no additional cost.

Social Signin – Tunlr registration system was integrated with Facebook and Google social signin to provide an easy and efficient way to create accounts and login.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, PowerDNS, Cassandra, HAProxy, jQuery, Payment Integration(Recurly, Stripe, PayPal), A/B testing, Charts.JS



Beanstream is a leading payment processor based out of Victoria, British Columbia. A total revamp of the Beanstream.com website was my responsibility while at Beanstream. I was responsible, for UX, development and SEO. I worked with a marketing manager ensuring content was written for the web and would meet optimization goals and conversion.

Technologies Used PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Bootstrap



Developer.Beanstream.com was a very interesting project because of the amount of content, probably hundreds of pages of developer documentation. Working with a team of developer.beanstream.com was taken from a concept to product, I was responsible for the design and development and helped guide a technical writer in best practices for writing for the web. Developer.beanstream.com was built with a goal to engage the developer community, this was done through contests for SDKs and an architecture that would allow developers new to Beanstream to quickly explore the documentation and build their first integration.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery



sproutPOS was a new mobile POS solution from Beanstream. It was a single page to educate potential merchants about a new and exciting beta product with a one page website that would drive conversion to beta list.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery