Welcome to LawrenceStewart.CA

This is my first post on my webpage since I have redone it.  Previously this blog had my windsurfing Olympic campaign website, the previous lawrencestewart.ca blog.   Ive decided to start fresh, because I had often neglected it.

This is one of my many blogs, incuding; Winddude.com, WindsurfPress.com, my company site GnarlyInc.com along with several others in development.  I plan to follow the development of these and my other sites here.  Sharing what I learn and and attempting.

This blog will be more than just that.  It will feature my personal portfolio, themes I develop, tutorials (wordpress, photoshop, css, etc) and lots of other things.  Ohh yea, I also plan to have fun with this blog posting things I enjoy, like jokes, automotive and the occasional windsurfing article.

Enjoy and dont forget to follow me.


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