How 2: Installing XAMPP Lite on a USB Flash Drive

To really be able to develop for WordPress or another CMS it’s best to have a local web server.  This will save you time in FTPing and editing remote files on your final server.   I used to use WAMP server, although very good, it had some limitations.  I found I was switching between my desktop and laptop, making things unnecessarily complicated.  Than I discovered XAMPP Lite, which I installed on a USB stick, and it works great.  Another simple option is Instant WordPress, I haven`t played around to much, but I think you are much more limited.


Installing XAMPP Lite

Installing XAMPP lite is pretty straight forward, use the link below to use the self extracting EXE file.

Download XAMPP USB Lite 1.7.7 – as an EXE file, Zip and 7zip can be downloaded here.

Launch the Installer, and browse where you want to install XAMPP.

Select the flash drive and directory you wish to use.  You should have at least 400 MB of free space, plus how ever much space you need for your website, and databases.

Click install, all of the files will be extracted to your flash drive.  This may take a few moments depending on your flash drive’s speed.

Click Finish and you are now done!

Launching XAMPP

Launching XAMPP is very easy.  Navigate to the directory on your USB drive and launch xampp-control.exe.

Click Start beside Apache and MySql to get your webserver running.

Please note: Do not check the Svc box, as this will run the server as a Windows service.  To keep XAMPP portable, you do not want it running as a service!

Windows Firewall or your firewall may prompt you that it blocked the server; click Allow access to let your server run.

Open your favorite web browser and type localhost in the address bar.  If everything is working correctly you should see the following in your address bar.   Choose your default language…

You should now see the default XAMPP page.


Click status to see that everything is working.  If it is not try restarting the services.

You are now ready to start building and adding webpages your mobile webserver.  Save all of your web files in the xampphtdocs folder on your flash drive.


Well that is it for installing XAMPP Lite.  Check back tomorrow for how to setup wordpress in XAMPP Lite.

Complete XAMPP details are available at



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