About Lawrence Stewart

I love to create new ideas and explore business opportunities on the web and mobile platforms, particularly when these business can spread passion and stoke! – Lawrence


Lawrence Stewart

Web developer, windsurfer, and part time blogger with an entrepreneurial drive.

I started to get interested in computers at a very early age, and began to write basic programs around the age of 8. Around 12 I got interested in web development, building my first pages for a passion of mine, windsurfing. One of the first sites I developed was a windsurfing site called Windsurf World, than later Windsurf Forum. To this day I still maintain two windsurfing related pages, my other personal site, WindDude.com and WindsurfPress.com which has a very active facebook page.


WINDSURFING, it’s more then a passion it’s a lifestyle. As one of my buddies would put it we’re “prisoners of windsurfing”, but it’s a damn fun sentence!


In no particular order. Surfing, Hockey, Building/Restoring Cars, Art, Photography, Autocross, Camping, Travel, Video editing

An Interesting Fact

I once melted the solder off my graphics card experimenting with 3D modeling.

Area’s of Profession

Again in no particular order. Web Design and Development, UX and UI Design, SEO, WordPress, Responsive Web Design, Project Management

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I hope you find this blog interesting, exciting or maybe even useful!


Lawrence Stewart