I’l start off simple, if you are an advertiser or publisher on the web and you put auto playing video advertisements or talking advertisements on a text or image based page you should be dragged out and shot!  Advertisements before videos, that’s fine, we’re used to it from TV. You know the ads I’m talking about, you open a link in a new tab, all of a sudden someone starts talking but there’s no video, or even worse you’ve open multiple tabs and have multiple people talking in the background?  This is the most offensive thing in the World!

I’m ranking you up there with telemarketers for being utterly annoying, and offensive.  Publishers it pisses people off, and wrecks your user experience.  Advertisers, I will never buy your product if you use one of these ads.

Figure it out, a long term strategy is better than getting a few idiot now and pissing the rest of us off for a long time.

A good general rule is don’t auto-play anything on your website, ads or your own content.