Manage Multiple WordPress Site with Infinite WordPress

Are you a developer or designer with multiple WordPress sites to manage and update, either your own or client sites? Do you need to manage and upgrade the WordPress core and Themes often? Infinite WordPress is the solution for you!

What it is
Infinite WordPress is a self hosted tool to manage multiple WordPress sites hosted on different servers, and install from an easy to use centralized dashboard.

The basic package is free, and allows you to one click updates all sites, run instant backups, plus manage your plugins and themes. Additional modules can be purchased to do a variety of tasks from displaying Google Analytics, schedule backups, send reports to clients, uptime monitors, the ability to backup to repositories and more.

Easy to Use
One of the best things about Infinite WordPress is is that it is easy to use. If you can install WordPress you can install Infinite WordPress. The core package get uploaded to your desired url, or sub url, once you go to the location of the folder you are walked through an easy install. A simple plugin goes on each WordPress site you need to manage, and you follow the steps on screen, and you’re ready to go!

There are a few alternatives, however they are paid alternatives.

ManageWP is the first one which is a hosted solution which offers similar features and starts at about $0.80 per site per month, and more for more advanced features. Two of the biggest advantages of ManageWP are IOS and Android Aps, something that is promised for Infinite WordPress.

WP Remote is a simple solution that is free for basic features. If you want to run automatic backups it will cost you $5 a month. However I’m not the biggest fan of the the user interface.

My choice is the Infinite WordPress solution. The freemium model is the most cost effective over the long run, and with a developer API coming soon it is sure to be the most extensible. The user interface is easy and clean, so I sugest you check it out now, and we all know keeping your WordPress core and Plugins up to date is one of the best things you can do for security.

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A few New Things to Reports

I’ve added a few new features to this blog, and thought I’d share them with you.

If you look to your right on the sidebar you’ll see “Around Gnarly Inc Network”.  This display the latest 6 posts from all over the Gnarly Inc Network, which is part of. This widget comes from a great plugin called Network Latest Posts, which is available in the WordPress plugin directory. What the plugin does is pull the recent posts from all the blogs in your network and displays them in your main site (or any internal site) using shortcodes or widgets.  The plugin works with WordPress 3 Network (multisites).  I’ve still got a bit of css styling to apply to sidebar widget.  You can also see the plugin in effect on

Nest you notice in the previous post to this (by date) it is an external link to a post on another site of mine, this time   To accomplish this I used a plugin called
Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin, which is also available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.  The plugin simply redirects the post links on the homepage to the url you specify on the “Add New Post” Screen.  It’s great for getting the job done quickly, but in the near future, I’m going to look for an alternative solution, because one key feature I want to include is a visual separation of external links from regular posts.